One Year In Retrospect

Tuesday, March 18

Happy one year anniversary, Simple Grounds !!

Wow. I can't believe I began Simple Grounds already one year ago. I don't know exactly why I began blogging, maybe for the fun or the excitement of being a "blogger." At least I had somewhat of a good idea in the first blog post. . . Like most bloggers I've encountered, they began their blog with some intention of posting fashionable DIY's, lots of neat giveaways, and other silly things that I see crowded all over the internet. For me, I wanted that just as much as the next, but more than just a blog of fun stuff I wanted a place for my Spirit to roam free. For a while I tried to be that blogger with recipes and projects, but let's just say I failed miserably. I stopped posting these things that were not of my heart, and I began letting those inner thoughts flow onto 'pen and paper.' I began trickling my desires, my struggles, my dreams, and my fears out for the world to see. With my heart already vulnerable to the Lord, I made it vulnerable to my peers, my friends, my coworkers, and my family. From 2013 I wrote 148 posts, including my encounters with the Lord, a message to women and their beauty. I confessed my deepest fears and struggles, I discussed marriage, I shared the stories of other believers, I documented birth, weddings, photos, and travels. I celebrated my one year anniversary with Tony. I shared my story with the world. I found freedom in self-image. I shared my imperfections. I received revelations. And I even wrote poetry

Looking back at the things I shared, I find a sense of awe wrapped up in the thousands of words that have collected on this blog. I have realized that my words do not go unnoticed, my words have impact, and my most simple thoughts have meaning. I have discovered my passion for writing and the passion for documenting the secret dwellings of my heart. I could not imagine living the day to day without writing, without pursuing the thoughts in my head that could get lost by the end of the day, without sharing this broken, woman with the world. One year of writing has shown me the impact I have on those around me. I am blessed to know my blog has helped others in the process of my writings, and I am incredibly humbled that God would so choose such a simple tool for His kingdom. I am amazed that my little cries of life have left others to wonder, to question, and to seek. 

I cannot see this blog coming down in the near future, but I do see it continuing to change as God continues to work in me. With no schedule and freedom at hand, I know the Spirit will provide an overflow of words and creativity that will not cease. 

To those who have read my words, thank you. And to those who continue to follow, let it be known that the Lord is the sovereign, true God. Through Him I am nothing, and without Him my words are nothing but mindless weeds.


  1. Congratulations! It is so awesome that you have stuck with it for a year! Continuing doing what you love!

  2. Congratulations on one year for Simple Grounds! Your words always inspire and I can't wait to see what the next year holds for you :)

  3. Happy anniversary! We started around the same time :) Your blog is a refuge for me. I hope you realize how God is using you!


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