Spring Break Collection

Wednesday, March 19

This past week we got to escape for four days into my favorite city in Texas, Austin. Like always, Austin is always a blast. No we did not go for SXSW, but we did hear one free jazz band. Let's just say I was highly impressed. Including a new tattoo, vegan food, lots of coffee, super long walks, and a pretty polka dot dress, Austin was good to us.

1 | My silly face in front of the lovely Capitol building. (FACT: Did you know Texas has the largest capitol building in the entire U.S. other than Washington D.C's?)

2 | Polka dots are always a must.

3 | It was our first time trying Toms Roasting Co. on South Congress. (It was Toms' first ever coffee shop, and it opened the week I was there. For every bag of coffee you buy, Toms will give a week of clean water to a person in need. 

4 | A photo of a handsome fella that's all mine. ;)

5 | We attended a Pan-American festival with Tony's family. Here we are trying to avoid the giant congo line of belly dancers...
6 | Toms Roasting Co. had an incredible porch, including these lovely succulents. 

7 | If you're ever in Austin, visit the Cathedral of Junk. It's literally a giant "catherdal" created of junk in some guy's backyard. Also, you can climb to the top of it. Quite interesting. 

8 | This here is a photo of my first, large tattoo located on my arm. Psalms 46:10 says, "Be still and know that I am God." This verse has been a constant in my faith and walk with Christ. God has continuously taught me that encounters with Him, obedience, and blessings all come from being still and believing he is Lord. The times I have been broken over sin, encountered trials, or begged to hear Him, I quieted my soul, stilled my Spirit, and focused on His goodness, His sovereignty, His compassion, and His grace. 


  1. That tattoo is crazy awesome. I'm in love. That is such an important verse for me - I need to be reminded on the regular that God is in charge and I need to cool it.



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