Snow in Montana

Sunday, May 19

Today we successfully drove from a town in the southern part of Wyoming into Montana. Little did we know the weather... It was snowing! I absolutely love the snow and cold weather, so it was just beautiful driving through the Grand Teton mountains and up into Yellowstone. We stopped at least five times just to take in some of the gorgeous scenes. Of course there's nothing better than mountains and tall pines covered with snow. We had a wonderful lunch drinking hot soup in front of the mountains, and spent the day running across roads to get the perfect picture.

We happened to drive through a couple adorable little towns, and finally settled in a park right outside of West Yellowstone. The town we're staying in tonight is pretty cute with tons of stores, a walk-up espresso bar and a walk-up Dairy Queen, and tons of cute shops.

Tomorrow is my lovely grandma's birthday, and I'm so excited to be spending it here with her on this trip. She's such a wonderful lady who has taught me so much. I just adore her. After a morning with her, we'll start our Yellowstone site-seeing.

I still am so blessed to be on this trip. My grandparents have been so generous, and even more-so that they invited Tony and make him feel so at home. The Lord is always ready to show us Him, even if it's through some trees.


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