Grasping for Gratefulness

Saturday, December 7

It's those little moments that go unnoticed. It's the small acts that fade without thanks. It's the little kisses and long embraces, it's the sweet words and small favors that are forgotten, the smiles he delivers like beauty painted on his lips. Too often do I forget my thanks for the blessings of love and the relationship I have. Too often do I let the smallest sweetness surpass me. I'm learning how to be thankful for every aspect of my relationship with Tony. Spending each day with him, I have forgotten to show him my gratefulness, even if it's only for the breakfast he made me or the flowers he surprised me with at my doorstep. How easily we take love for granted. How careless we begin to become.

We taint our thankfulness with the complacent adaptation of kindness and love. Beyond myself, I am thankful for a man who loves me despite my complacency. Despite my forgetfulness and moments where my "I love you" sounded more routine than intimate, he loves me and he forgives me. Even though his character far outweighs mine own, it is no excuse for the forgotten words of love and the smallest whisper of "thank you." If he were gone tomorrow, I would be the only one to blame for the faded moments.

If there's anything I have tagged onto my life, to never forget, it is to rejoice in every moment. No kiss or hug or moment of sweetness is too insignificant or too small to be celebrated or to be remembered. Any goodbye, any hello, any sweet kiss, and any precious moment can be the last; they can be seized by the dawn and forgotten if not recognized.

I am sorry that sometimes I have let you and your joy become a constancy, rather than a beautiful blessing. I promise my "I love you's" will be filled with more than the feelings of a repeated phrase, but rather spoken in the words of an eternal love, which cannot be divided by our brokenness and only strengthened by the Father. I promise I am learning how to grasp for gratefulness.


  1. I just enjoyed catching up on your blog. I loved this post especially, as I can easily take love for granted as well. This post is beautifully written and I pray that I can grasp for gratefulness as well!


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