Saturday, March 8

I recently did some personal, portrait work of a good friend of mine. I took these with the intentions for the magazine I photograph for, Venture Magazine. I thought I'd share them because the vibe of these portraits are totally different than what I normally go for. My 'niche' and comfort zone is totally in nature, but I decided to change it up a bit and go for a modern, industrial look. Fortunately, our church is an old Kroger building and the back of it basically looks like a big warehouse. Open beams and cement walls make for some great pictures.

The inspiration for these came from Robyn's incredible pursuit and calling to work in kid's ministry. Not only is she a huge part of our children's ministry at Church Project, but her overall place in the kids' lives at our church is incredible. I am amazed by her dedication and her obedience to the Lord. She is one hard working woman.


  1. I'm loving the light in these photos, Taylor!

  2. Love these photos! I love that the background is so industrial but I still get a comfortable, warm feel. These are lovely.


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