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Wednesday, December 4

The Godly and Their Stories has been one of my favorite series I've started, since I began my blog. I love to hear + share the words of believers who have made an impact in the Kingdom. I am constantly moved by their words of grace, love, and joy. You can read more stories here.

Today I bring you the story of Sein; a beautiful lady whose blog, Sein.Box, has been a continuous inspiration for me.

"I grew up in a small town in South Korea. I always feel blessed to grow up in a Christian environment, but I did take that for granted for the longest time. I was involved in worship team and was super involved in church activities. Yeah - I was that girl. Not until I graduated high school from Thailand did I realized that I've taken this "Christian life" for granted. Senior year of high school was probably my lowest point of my life. I had no parents around me, and I had to decide on some of the most important decisions in my life. I went to a night service and decided to see how long I could pray. Every 10 minutes I had to take a deep breath because I had no words to say. That moment I remembered a pastor encouraging me to talk to God about anything, so I decided to have a conversation as if i'm talking to my best friend. I started having a longer chat with God, and then I realized I was having a CONVERSATION with GOD. My eyes turned into a fountain of joy! I couldn't stop giggling and crying at the same time. That was when I was 18. In that moment I realized that all these years, God was actually a very funny and pretty sassy God. I was always a believer but never a believer of a God who is funny and sassy. Even these days, if i try to pray for people in a "sweet" Christian way, God pulls me out to the side and raises His eyebrows on me. He wants me to be real. He wants me to be bold and say THE TRUTH. Now I cannot even fake it. I cannot pretend to be a "Christian". I can only be."

I have experienced a bit of God, and that has changed me. I don't pray for God to pour out more blessings on my life, instead I pray for my eyes and heart to be open more.


Sein was born in South Korea, lived eight years in China, two years in Thailand, and has lived in the States for four years. What a blessing to hear from such a sweet lady. Check out some of her beautiful images + words at Sein.Box.


  1. Sein is a great is reflected in what she says and her love for God


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