Joy Drowned by Perfectionism

Sunday, December 15

The holiday season is my favorite. The happiness, the joy, bright lights, hot drinks, giving with love, moments cherished with family and friends, exciting movies and adventures. Every night a little colder and every day a little closer to a new year. Within all the excitement of Christmas and holidays comes forgotten joy. My joy begins to get lost in the countless rolls of wrapping paper and twine. It begins to fade into the calenders and schedules of meetings, dates, and parties. Joy is hushed by the growing sound of tiredness in my voice and in my steps. My joy is drowned by perfectionism that is only good for a moment but worthless in the next. Once every Christmas present is ripped open, once the tree's needles begin to wither, once the day is done, my perfectionism and need for the 'most merry season' is nothing but worthless.

I have forgotten the essence of joy in a season full of moving. I have slowly lost sight of peace in a time dedicated to the maker of Joy Himself. 

This season should be a moment to sit and think about the majesty of God; sit and ponder on His holiness, His righteousness, and the beauty of worshiping a God who became a man. Yes, this season is about giving, and loving, and finding happiness in the moment of things. But more importantly, we are celebrating Christ. 

Let us not forget our Maker. 


  1. Well said! We tend to forget the true meaning a lot!


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