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Monday, March 31

Opening up a business feels like a dream come true and a crazy, hectic one at that. With only 20 days left for Ruth Vintage's campaign, starting shop has come on me so quick. In 20 twenty days I will be buying inventory, taking lots of photos, washing, marking prices, and doing a million other things to successfully open my shop. Although it's nerve-racking, I am so INCREDIBLY excited. Goodness. A vintage shop has been my dream for so long. Even though I can only start online as of now, dreaming of a small studio and/or storefront is not out of reach.

Of a goal of $850, we have already reached our half way mark! In 27 days we raised $427 for Ruth Vintage, and I am so incredibly blessed, thankful, and excited. Learning as I go, and seeking some business-savy advice, has been keeping my head level as I figure out lots of business-y things (boring taxes, DBAs, and all that good stuff).

I am so thankful for all the support and encouragement that has been coming through lately.

Please visit Ruth Vintage's (newly revamped) website, and perhaps make a donation –


  1. I found your blog through Sophie and her LOL series. Congrats on opening your shop! I love small/independent businesses! People are especially so humble and grateful to their customers when first starting out! Will have to take a look at it; looks right up my alley! -Jess L


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