First Affection

Monday, March 24

This week Braylin will be 7.5 months old. I literally cannot fathom how fast he is growing. It seems like just yesterday I was writing about his birth. Today marked a special day though. As always, I greet Braylin everyday when I get home from work with loads of kisses and hugs. His face radiates joy, and I find comfort knowing he is so familiar with my face, my voice, and my smiles. Today was different. Before I could give him an overload of kisses, he looked at me, smiled, opened his mouth, and went for my lips, drool and all. He gave his first kiss, and it was to me! And the awesome part is the he did it not once, but three times! Every time I looked at him with a smile and ready for a kiss he went in to return the affection. The cuteness was unbearable, and I can hardly wait till he starts saying, "I love you."

Although his first, sweet kiss was so little and fleeting, it reminded me of the incomparable joy the Lord has when we show our affections to him. For my heart to almost burst with joy for Braylin's sweet, baby kiss, is microscopic compared to God's joy when we love Him, worship Him, and desire Him. Thinking of this brought me back to the moment I began a life following Christ. How immense must God's love have overflowed in that moment; the very first moment I returned His long affections? And still to this day, four years later, the way God is completely in awe of my beauty amazes me. How must he love us so? Our affection for our loved ones is minuet compared to the unfathomable, deepness of God's grace, love, and affection for us.

If His love is an ocean, we're not just sinking, we're drowning in it. 

The thoughts of the Lord's immeasurable love made me want to get on my knees in adoration before Him and then jump and shout His praise. And not just his love for me, but his love for you. It is great, it is heavy, it is full. His heart is full for you. His desires are aimed towards you. He so greatly wants to know you and be near to you. How greatly the potter views His creation, amazed and baffled at something He created with his own two hands.

I pray you know God's love, because His love surpasses everything. It is more fulfilling than any thing you could dream of on this Earth. It is endless.


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