Wednesday, February 26

We're strangers, 
Simply connected by blood and some DNA. 
You took my fragile bones 
And eradicated your love with the most fickle tale, 
One bone after another you broke, 
Just like the promises you made 
And still find the power to make. 
My innocence I left in your hands, 
Like every daughter should, 
And you found the laughter in failing me. 
Almost as if you're amused by my distress. 
Every endless notion you conjured was left for me 
To wallow in. 

Another child added to the list of statistics; 
Fatherless. Abandoned. Bruised. 
How dare you say you love me, 
When the only love I've ever known was the love 
I received from a Father not of this world. 
How dare you say you want the best for me, 
When all my blessings 
Have been in the form of anything but you. 
How dare you speak words of picky lies 
Pronounced like a rescuer 
But only to end up in the same 
Hole you began to dig back when I was just a young girl. 

My heart beaten and torn like rags, 
It goes deeper than the skin. 
It streams through my veins and races through my fingertips. 
Every last word on the page filled with 
That same hurt that ran through your head,
When you found out losing your youngest 
Meant giving up on both.

*Occasionally I write poetry, and I've decided to share some more of it on my blog. A little different from the kind of stuff I normally write, but these are things I can't really just easily discuss. 


  1. This is seriously amazing stuff -- thank you for sharing it. You should absolutely share it on the blog, and I can't wait to read more.


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