Sunday, February 23

Blessings are like sweet drops of honey that leave residue on your lips and praise from your mouth
Blessings are like the feeling of a full stomach, after eating bread and water; reminding you that your hunger is fulfilled by the breaking of bread and dipping of wine.
Blessings are like a joy that comes in the morning, singing songs over mountains and rejoicing in beauty.
Blessings consist of a Savior loving His people, giving them hope, and joy, and grace.

Man oh man, I am drowning in blessings up to my ears.
Don't let me eat them up without saying grace with my clasped hands and an over-joyous heart
Don't let me forget the one who Blesses, so I do not boast in my false goodness or my useless works.
Let me be reminded that every blessing is the first drop of rain after a season of drought;
it is not the reason we praise to our Creator, but merely another reason why we sings songs to His holy place.


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