What's the Point?

Wednesday, July 24

"What's the point" is a simple question I find myself asking quite often. Anytime I do something, go somewhere, buy something, my Spirit questions, "What's the point?"

Why do we do the things we do, go the places we go, spend time doing what we do, and buying what we buy? Some may say there's too much of a 'cynical side' when we say there is no point. But there is always a reason. Wherever your heart lies, their your motives and your reasons will too. If your heart lies in money, that's where your motives will be. If your heart lies in pride or popularity, there your reasons will also be found. But what if our heart always lied in the Lord? What if our hearts were also fashioned towards Him? Then our motives, our reasons, our thoughts, our actions, and our Spirit will also be found. 

So with that being said, why do you do the things you do? As a believer of Christ, often times I'll feel my Spirit burdening me with questioning things that don't matter. I've come to know following Christ is not something you merely do on the side, nor is it just a hobby or extra-curricular. Being a follower of Christ means submitting your life to the Creator. With that comes responsibility, and that responsibility means living your life with a purpose. As followers of Christ, we are called to do two things; love the Lord, our God, and make disciples. So why do we consistently do things that really don't matter? Are we clothing ourselves in righteousness, purity, integrity, love, kindness, and self-control? Are we looking for every opportunity to spread the scriptures? Are we helping and loving others? Are our words pleasing to Him? Is our free time spent dwelling, meditating, and living out the Gospel? Are we following Christ with more than just our words, but with our actions as well? For myself I'll get caught up in the 'temporary satisfaction' of doing something out of God's will (sin.) I'll find myself doing things without a motivation other than just my own pleasure. But lately, God has been burdening me to do things with His purpose and His calling He has set-forth for me. He gives us spirits that compel us to pick up our crosses, and not just lag them along, but truly baring that weight on our shoulders with every ounce of strength in the Spirit.

We are to have purpose, otherwise everything is meaningless. 

We are nothing but a mist that will fade, so what we do with our lives matters. 

So what then? Where does your motivation lie? What is your purpose?


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