Birthday Wishes

Sunday, July 21

This past Wednesday Tony turned 21, and it was such a fun week full of surprises and good memories made. We were able to spend some great alone time together and some awesome time with his family and our friends. Not to mention, Tony was able to buy his first legal alcoholic beverage. ;) In fact, we went out three nights in a row for him to try some drinks.

It's crazy to think I met him when I was 14 and he had just turned 18, and pretty soon I'll be 18 and he's now 21. The past three years of our friendship were full of such patience, understanding, kindness, and acceptance. There is no one I have ever met that has pursued me the way he has. There is no friend that cared so much about me as he did during our times of friendship, and there is no one that could ever treat me with such gentleness like he does. Seeing him grow up into a man these past three years has been exciting and so rewarding. I've been able to see the way God has miraculously teach him, transform him, and sanctify him. It has been beautiful watching him grow from a friend to a boyfriend. I am so blessed and overwhelmed that God allowed me to be a part of his life and experience all the wonderful things God has in store.

In about a month it'll be our one year anniversary, so be expecting another sappy, long, love post about him. I'm just so thankful for everything he is and the things he's still growing to be. The Lord made a master piece, when He created Tony.


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