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Thursday, July 11

My most favorite accessory you'll ever see me where is a scarf / fabric around my head. The so called 'turbans' or 'head wraps' are literally my favorite go-to item. No matter how dressy or how casual you look, a head-wrap is beautiful, simple, unique, and can add the color or life to an outfit. Today I will be showing you guys one of the ways I wear my head-wraps. This is probably the most simple method, and it really does stay in place.

This method could vary depending on scarf size, but just know that the bigger and thicker the scarf the harder it will be to wear.

1. Simply start off with the scarf cradled behind your head right above your neck. This is a good point to decide how much of your head you want to be covered. The more you fold the scarf, the less your head will be covered.

2. Bring the two ends of the scarf to the top of your forehead and tie in a knot. 
To make the top of the turban look thicker, you can switch the two ends of the scarf that you just tied in a knot and switch sides. (ie: The end of the scarf in your right hand after step 2, should go in your left.)

3. Take the two ends back down to bottom of your head, where you started, and tuck the ends underneath the scarf that was already secure.

And there you go! 

Have fun with your turbans!


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