Giving Thanks

Tuesday, July 9

My thanks to the Lord are so plentiful. He is teaching me, growing me, and strengthening me against the foothold of the enemy. He is leading me, loving me, and showing me grace that can overflow the seas. Today I am thankful for Him listening to me, for convicting me, and for giving me words to speak when they need to be said. I am thankful for His perfect timing, His instant comfort, and His fulfilling joy. I am thankful for community, friendships, and honesty. And I am thankful for obedience, love, and understanding.

Whoever said God was dead was so very wrong. He is alive, and He is moving so fast I can't keep up for a second. Praise + thanks be all to His glory.

"Have compassion on me, Lord, for I am weak. Heal me, Lord, for my bones are in agony. I am sick at heart." 


  1. I am loving that cork board! I am finally getting around to fully decorating my room and was just nailing my board to the wall thirty minutes ago. Yes, at midnight. And it is crazy how everything instantly looks so much cozier. I bet your room is full of the neatest treasures. With that being said... this is one of my favourite kind of posts. Thankfulness is absolutely the key. I am far from having mastered such an attitude and way of life, but it is certainly what I desire!

  2. Thanks for the inspiration.


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