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Sunday, July 14

Lately Tony and I have really been trying to get into the swing of healthy eating. It's one of the hardest things to do for me (maybe not so much him) because I grew up eating terrible foods: junk foods, soda, candy, and all the things that caused my cavities. Don't get me wrong, I was never overweight, nor am I now. But eating bad has always been my weakness. As of late, trying to live a healthy life really does feel good and it is good. I love food. Tony and I are always ready to try new things and eat well, but I've noticed that eating doesn't mean it has to be be unhealthy. Growing up into a woman has really shown me the kind of body and metabolism I have, and it's SO important to care of yourself. Living a healthy life means a happy life and a long-lived life. (I want to see my great-grandchildren for goodness sake!) I will have episodes of eating healthy and then go on a terrible eating rampage of nothing but bad foods, but the aftermath is never good. I do feel guilty when I eat bad things, and I hate that. We should feel good and replenished after a meal, not like we have a food baby and need a nap. With that comes some responsibility...

Tony and I have been trying pretty hard to eat (and drink) healthy things and watch what we're allowing into our bodies. It's still an ongoing battle for me, but I know that I love it. Here are some healthy habits I've learned lately.

1. Water is your best friend - I was never much of a water-drinker because I never liked the taste. But as of a month or two ago I had felt so dehydrated that I literally had to force myself to drink water more. Now I've been getting more cups a day than the recommended amount and it is awesome. Not only does it fill up your tummy so you're not as hungry, but it cleans your system and really does keep your energy up. Whoever said water isn't a must, they were wrong.

2. Eat in small portions - I know must of us do it. We go to a restaurant and get an appetizer, a large plate (for ourselves) and a desert, or we come home from a long afternoon or morning from being hungry and we stuff our faces, as if this is the last meal we'll ever eat. Most of the times, I over eat and I know it. When we're hungry we think we need a huge meal to satisfy us, but in reality our tummies are much smaller than we think. A small portion will fill you, and make you feel much better without the food baby you lag around afterwards. (Tony and I have a actually started sharing a meal every time we go out to eat and it real does help, and it saves money!)

3. Eliminate fast food - Not only is the fast-food chain your worst enemy, it is also the weakness of almost every American. We all know those Chik-Fil-A lunches or midnight runs to Taco Bell, or just that one tiny breakfast sandwich from Jack-In-the-Box. The point is we're slowly but surely killing ourselves. Those foods are not only unhealthy, but lack all kinds of nutrition, vitamins, and protein we need for a healthy body. Although it's good (and fast) try making something at home or packing your lunch to avoid those fast trips through the drive-thru.

 4. Organic isn't the only way - Today's time wants to make everyone think, "if it's not organic, it isn't healthy," which is not true. Although organic / whole foods are great, they are not the only way to eat healthy. For someone like me who does not have the money to buy every local produce item or every organic fruit and milk at the grocery store, we get discouraged in eating healthy. Just because produce isn't labeled with "organic" does not mean it is not healthy. They are plenty of ways to buy healthy foods on a budget. Find some healthy recipes and other items that will you help you eat better without spending every penny in your back account.

5. Eating sweets and other 'unhealthy' things isn't bad (in moderation) - If you're a healthy eater, there should be no shame in taking a slice of cake at a party or getting a pastry for a day out at a coffee shop. For myself, it's either too much or none. I find myself wanting a lot of 'unhealthy' things, but I want too much or too often. I've learned that we shouldn't be ashamed of wanting a large latte or a shake every now and then. Eating healthy should also involve being mentally encouraging to yourself. Don't be ashamed or feel guilty just because you had your first cookie in two months. Treat yourself.

It's a slow road on the way to healthy eating, but it gets easier as time goes on.

What are some other healthy habits that you guys may follow?


  1. Yes! These are such great tips + thoughts, Taylor! The subject of food has been such a love / hate relationship for me. Not that I have hated food before... I don't think I could ever! I enjoy eating far too much. But I often have to be really careful what I eat because of how some eating patterns or types of food have really hurt my body and affected my lifestyle – and THAT can be majorly frustrating for me. At times, I just want to eat like a "normal" person and not think about dairy free, gluten free, nut free, etc etc. However, I am so thankful for all the new + creative recipes that are out there and the wealth of resources available. What you mentioned about water is SO true. Often my tummy thinks it is soooo hungry, when really, I just need water. This might go along with your #2 point, but I think eating slooowwwlyyy really helps. I haven't really tried it to know for a fact because I have always been a crazy fast eater... but I believe eating slowly gives your brain / body time to process that food is actually coming in. Plus, you can actually enjoy what you intake.


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