DIY Cake Banner

Tuesday, July 16

With the ever so often DIY's I post, I thought I'd bring you guys a super quick DIY that can spice up any cake / muffin / other party treat! They are quite popular, but I actually came up with my own way of making them. 

This project took me about 10 minutes and could be made with most household materials. Plus this craft is SUPER flexible and can be made many different ways. 

What you'll need:
/ Kabob Sticks
/ Jute, yarn, or string (I used jute)
/ Cloth material 
/ Modge Podge
/ Scissors 

1. Cut kabob sticks to desired length (size should change depending on how big the cake or muffin, as well as preference)

2. Cut the string into desired length (note that your kabob sticks will most likely be at an angle, so make the string longer so it can hang down a little bit) Cut a little extra string to make sure you have enough to tie in knots.

3. Tie string to sticks in two extremely tight knots. Make sure they are not sliding unevenly on sticks

4. Cut out triangle shapes from cloth. (size should vary depending on how big you want the banner to be)

5. Apply modge podge on the very top of the backside of the triangle. Press onto the facing side of the banner. Hold tightly for about 30 seconds to make sure it stays in place to dry.

Wa la! You have your very own DIY cake banner! I decided to use mine for a special birthday breakfast for Tony. Turned out super awesome and the perfect (simple) addition. 


  1. it definitely looks simple! Gonna have to try it soon!



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