52 Lists: Week Eight

Tuesday, June 25

Week Eight // List Your Favorite Albums 

I loved this topic. For anyone of you that know me, I love music. I have always had a huge connection with music and instruments. In fact, I started singing around eight and was introduced to my first guitar at ten. In my Spiritual life, worship is my go-to. I have always experienced God's presence the most during worship. One of my previous passions was even to be a worship pastor! Funny to think of that now, but that's definitely not the direction God is taking me in. 

Although I do have such a passion for music, I have a small list of favorite albums. Simply because I have to really love an album for it to be my favorite. I treat music as worship, so if an album can spiritually move me + there's talent, then it's a favorite. So here's a list of my favorites: 

This is somewhat of a weird compilation of favorites, but my goodness these bands are beautiful.

The Psalters is a hard band to describe, but basically they're a nomadic-christian-worship band, with some Gypsy /African sound influences. Awesome, right?! Anytime I need my Spirits lifted / I want to go crazy, this is the band I listen to. The best part is how different they are. They're definitely an acquired taste. You either like them or you don't.

Jerusalem was a local band here in Houston that broke up a while back. Although they weren't anything big like some bands, they're music was powerful. In fact, I'm listening to them right now. Their passion is evident, and their lyrics are them crying out to God. You could say they're indie rock.

Branches is slowly on the rise to fame. They're a Christian folk band from California. Tony and I got the chance to see them at SXSW this year, and they were awesome. They're definitely a band of joy, and they put a twist on folk worship.

You all know Mumford & Sons, but they're definitely an all time favorite. "Sigh No More" is an album that truly shows a heart searching for the Lord in brokenness. Although they may not be a "Christian" band, I find myself relating to a lot of his lyrics.

I started listening to Listener not too long ago, but they were an instant favorite. They're definitely a huge spin on music. Basically a lot of passionate yelling over some talented musicians. They are story tellers, and best of all they are worshiping with their stories. A little harder to dissect, but beautifully spoken.

My Epic is another Christian rock-ish band that I can't really put into a category. They are definitely another image of a heart seeking after the Lord. Their songs are filled with talent and written with precision and honesty.

Paul Baribeau may not be a Christian (that I know of), but his music is down to earth, catchy, and real. He talks about real issues and his experiences all in a fun way. You can't not be happy when listening to his music.

Last but not least, As Cities Burn will always be one of my favorites. I can't explain the feelings I get when I listen to them. A mix of emotions, but for me I sing it to the Lord. This album, although one of their newest, is my favorite simply because of the moments of quietness, seeking, and then moments of boldness and beauty. They are an incredibly talented band. Luckily, I saw them at one of their shows this past year. They didn't play much from this album, but they still blew me out of the water.

Take a listen to all of these bands. They're all different, talented, and incredible. 


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