Tuesday, June 25

This a post for believers who are married, in a relationship, or seeking a relationship -

Have you ever sat down and truly thought what God's word says about relationships, sex, or His design for marriage? Have you ever sat down with your significant other and discussed the Lord's plans for your relationship? Have you thought about the beautiful creation of marriage?

God intentionally created man and woman to be one, to love, and to glorify the Lord with their hearts. As believers, we have seen what a marriage is not. We have seen the severity of a relationship that is not focused on God. We have seen the depravity in divorce, in adultery, in sin, in emptiness. Many of you may have parents or family members who have suffered in a marriage that failed. You may have seen, first hand, the result of an empty marriage. I know, in my own life, I have seen the repercussion of an ungodly relationship, and it is not pretty. I have seen the pain in adultery. It breaks my heart to see people work on a relationship that really has no foundation on the Lord's intentions for marriage.

By no means do I know how to be married. For one thing, I'm not even married. But I do know what the word of God says about marriage. I know what He intended for marriage to look like. He created the unbreakable covenant between man and woman. He created passionate, spiritual sex for one man and one women to interact in, so they can be in unity with God.

Ask yourself, "How do I understand sex?" "How do I understand marriage in it's full form, intentionally made by God?" It breaks my heart to see a failed marriage; to see people dismiss the Creator's beauty of marriage. One thing we can all work towards, married or not, is to completely understand the true design of marriage. Not what you've been taught or what society has made up, but what God's image of marriage is. My pastor, Jason, did a wonderful message on marriage this past Sunday. It was completely powerful, no matter if you're married or not. He discussed the Lord's beautiful intentions. Take a listen to this podcast, "Hebrews 13:4 // Marriage.Honor.Submit.Gentle", here in either audio or video.

Understanding marriage and constantly learning about it, is essential to any flourishing marriage, especially a Godly one. How can you simply understand your spouse, if you don't even understand the true nature of marriage? 

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