Ten Days of Goodness

Friday, May 24

We're at day ten of our adventure up into the mountains of the Northern states. Right now we're nuzzled up in a resort in Montana. It's been nice taking a little break from the RV and actually getting some breathing room. It's been a wonderful week and a half to say the least. It's incredible seeing such beauty and nature. Being able to travel and see such amazing things really makes me so joyful. It's truly crazy how much beauty is around us outside of our hometowns and states. I have seen things that I will never forget, and I will forever be telling stories about the travels I took.

Tonight was quite hilarious. Our resort has a pretty fancy center that has a hot tub, fitness room, yoga room, and two saunas. Tony and I decided to go take a dip in the hot tub to escape some of this rainy, forty degree weather. It was about a five minute walk from our condo, and what we thought would be a dry walk with no rain. After about forty-five minutes hanging out and getting our legs to feel like spaghetti, we were ready to walk back. Except this time it was raining, and it was COLD rain. We also didn't wear swimsuits. We just wore shorts and a t-shirt into the hot tub, so go figure, we didn't bring a change of clothes. We thought we would make a run for it back to our room in the freezing rain. Tony had a bright idea of just wearing his boxer briefs, in order to not freeze to death outside. I was basically in tears watching him run down the road in glasses, a giant flannel, boxer briefs, and (very dadly) sandals. Of course I snapped a million photos, but those are just for us to laugh at later on.

As you can tell, we've been having a blast. It's a life away from life, and I love it. Spending quality time with Tony, doing all kinds of stuff we love to do. I can't really say how thankful I am for all of it. And I PROMISE more blogging will come, once we're home and back in Texas.


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