Wednesday, May 22

My church, Church Project, has a podcast that is posted after every sermon. Because of our trip and us being away from our church family this past week, we decided to listen to an old podcast back from 2011 titled Acts 2:42-47 // Church.Devoted.Together.Added. (which you can listen to here.) Church Project is only three years old, and we started attending this past August. From the beginning of my experience with this group of devoted believers, I knew there was something so beautiful about what they called "church." The way the taught, worshiped, lived in community with each other, and so on was simple, unique, and so much different from any church I had seen before. 

After attending for almost a year, I have realized why I have always felt a strong, passionate, love for this place; they are a focused, biblical church that focuses on the Gospel and true intimacy with one another. Whether that intimacy be through worshiping together, learning together, doing ministry, or spending time with our house churches, it has been an intimacy that is so honest, true, and passionate. In just a short time being with this wonderful group of believers, I have seen a glimpse of what Jesus intended the church to be. I have seen what it means to devote yourself to the Lord, to be filled with His presence, all while being together in fellowship with people who love Him. 

This podcast I listened to tonight was a glimpse from the start of this place in 2011, which I have not seen before. It was a glimpse of the hopes and desires of a church body that truly wanted to be like the church in Acts 2:42-47. (Quoted above) It was a church that at one point, did not see it just yet, but not is relishing in the beauty of a body of believers working together for the Gospel. It was amazing hearing the beginning of their hopes for a church that is biblical. And it is now even more amazing to know that I am a part of believers who are growing together, learning together, and truly living our lives together while walking with the Lord.

There is something so much more beautiful than attending church every Sunday, when you are actually living your lives together and centering it around the One, True, King. I pray that churches around the world can focus on something much more important than just 'church,' but the actual engagement of the Lord. The Church was made for something so much more powerful than where it stands today. It's only up to us as believers to remake the Church, and bring it up to what Jesus has truly intended it to be.


  1. Thank you for the podcast recommendation, I am going to download it now!!! :)


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