52 Lists: Week Six

Monday, May 27

I know, I know. This is the second time I've been late on my list for the week. For those of you who are first-time readers. I usually post my 52 Lists series by Moorea Seal on Wednesdays, but because of the roadtrip I haven't been posting nearly as much or on time...

This week's list was one that was really special. "List the ways in which you can love others." How often do we really sit down and just think of ways to truly love others? I don't mean the kind of love only given to a significant other. I mean loving someone how the Father loves us. As a follower of Christ, my mission everyday is to love. As hard as it gets, I strive to love. He has built my heart to love without end. Why? Not to do it for 'good feels' or some kind of credit, but because of His tremendous, unceasing love. I want to show others what it means to be rich in love, and I mean real love. Not some kind of half way, conditional, sentimental feeling. I mean love that has been made, perfected, and abounded through the Lord. Now that is love. He has designed us to love the man on the street corner who doesn't know what his next meal will be, and the man who is the CEO of a company with over a million in his bank account. He has given us love for a reason, and He wants us to use it. 

How are you going to love someone this week?


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