Friday, May 3

Sometimes I honestly don't think I just spend enough time truly relishing in the Lord's beauty, His grace, His love, His power, His healing. How often do I go about completely dismissing the one thing that gave me life? I am so guilty of setting the Gospel aside, but I am so blessed to have a Father who does not set me aside. He does not turn His back on me, yet He constantly pursues me. He chases me when I fall into despair, and He yearns for my heart. Does anyone yearn for your heart? There's depth to those words that a simple human cannot fathom and understand. He yearns for us. He desires us. He wants us! More than we will ever want Him. The Gospel is so pure and beautiful; there is a God who desires us, even when we fall short from glorifying Him.

Today, like everyday, is a day to be astounded and completely amazed at the Lords' love. His rest heals, it renews, and it transforms.

I am weary, yet He gives me rest.

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