Wedding Bells

Thursday, May 2

Hello, fellow friends! Meet Kris and Jessica. This is a wonderful couple that will be finally tying the knot tomorrow. Kris was an old youth pastor of mine back at a church I used to go to, and Jessica has served as my girls' leader before. So I've definitely known them for a while, but I am just so excited to see them following the path the Lord has provided for them. I know He has blessed them with an awesome love, so I'm pretty happy I've been able to witness some of it. These are just a couple of their engagements photos I took of them (see more of those here.) Tomorrow is their big day, and I will be one of their wedding photographers! I am thrilled to experience a wedding behind the lens, especially one which will be beautiful because of the Lord, and for my work to truly be a joy to others for years to come.

I've been busy tonight getting last minute things together... and writing blog posts. Of course! It's safe to say I'm a wedding fanatic, and I can't WAIT. I will probably get all teary-eyed like most emotional women do, but oh well. It's a good occasion for crying!

Stay tuned for post-wedding photos. :)

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