The VanHouten Wedding

Sunday, May 5

As I mentioned on a post this past Friday, I shot my first wedding. I (somewhat) shadowed another photographer, mainly to get the girls/bride before the wedding and more of the 'artistic' side of the wedding. He was a professional photographer who did most of the group shots and the ceremony. I kind of just moseyed around and clicked away. I was really nervous, but thankfully the wedding was of two awesome people, who the groom happens to be my old youth pastor. They were very relaxed about everything, and it was a lovely wedding.

Here are some of the shots I got... that I actually liked. Personally, I wish I could be a lot better at photographing weddings, but I know so much of my potential also relies on my camera. I do have a very amateur camera and it does limit my abilities... plus I'm my worst (and meanest) critic. At the end of things I was pretty pleased with how they turned out though.

They had a very blue wedding. The reception almost felt as if you walked into an ocean; it was very mystic and beautiful. 


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