Day Three: From Kansas to South Dakota

Thursday, May 16

These past couple days have been just wonderful. I didn't get a chance to blog yesterday because of the lack of internet in Nebraska, but we are currently snuggled up here in the beautiful South Dakota. This is definitely one of the prettiest states I've been to so far. Lots of green hills, full of tall pines, and cool weather. The houses are quite beautiful as well. It's been so nice being able to spend good time with my grandparents and Tony. We've had quite a good ride so far.

Today we stopped and visited a research center called the Mammoth Site. It's a museum and mammoth bone/fossil excavation site here in the Black Hills of South Dakota. We got to see real fossil bones of mammoths. It was actually really interesting, and I never knew something like that existed. Tomorrow we'll be going to do some site-seeing at Mount Rushmore and some other awesome places. 

It's safe to say South Dakota is now one of my favorite places to see. I'll try to blog as much as I can from now till then, but I'm having fun being somewhat abandoned from the world out here in the mountains and hills.



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