Day Four in South Dakota

Saturday, May 18

Yesterday was our first day to really do some site-seeing and exploring. We stayed in a cute campsite called Fort WeLikIt located up in the hills of Custer. A lot of my 'firsts' were checked off the list yesterday. We went on a scenic drive through Custer National Park and saw wild buffalo, turkey, and pronghorns. They were beautiful. We got so close to a buffalo I could almost touch him. Then we got to see the amazing Mount Rushmore and learn about the mountain, the building process, and everything else about it. That's definitely one of those things you always read in text books, but you can never see in real life. But we did! Then we went to another large mountain monument called Crazyhorse. Crazyhorse was a praised Indian in the 1800's that defeated Custer and his army. They are in the process of carving Crazyhorse on his horse into the side of a giant rock mountain. The finished product will be even larger than Mount Rushmore! Within that monument we also go to go to the Indian Museum of North America. (I swear I'm in love with Indian culture. It is just beautiful what they do.) And of course we went fishing once we got finished with site-seeing.

All in all yesterday was a full day. I was so exhausted I went straight to bed when we got back, hence why I'm blogging this morning. Today we're taking off for Yellowstone!


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