Day One: From Texas to Kansas

Tuesday, May 14

Today marks day one of our two and a half week roadtrip. Today Tony, my gram and gramps, lil' ole Brandi , and I all took off from Houston. We drove a little over 500 miles in just a day! We're currently relaxing and sitting back in an RV park out in the middle of nowhere. So far the drive has been wonderful! We drove through the hills and flat plains of Texas, Oklahoma, and now we're half way here in Kansas today. Tomorrow we'll be expected to be in South Dakota, where we'll start site seeing!

The Lord has just been showing me such beauty in the simplicity of what He has made for us. Rolling hills of green, cattle, blue skies, and little rivers and lakes here and there. He has made so much for us to look and glorify Him for. I'm so thankful to have the opportunity to see the beauty and life the world has around us. I know this trip is going to be much more than awesome. It's going to be adventure-filled with lots of smiles, joy, and happy stories.

I'm kind of excited to be able to blog about our travels every night. You guys will be able to pretty much be on the trip with us. ;) Stay tuned for more stories and pictures!


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