Little Moments: Cheese and Coffee

Sunday, May 12

Yesterday was one of the first times this week Tony and I could actually just be alone. As I said not too long ago, this month has just been so hectic, so full of planning, doing, and going. We've just been constantly on the move, and we finally got to spend some alone time together.

It's so important to just be able to be alone with those you love, especially a boyfriend/girlfriend or a spouse. Although you may go to school or work or church together, or hang out with friends together, it's always good to spend one on one time with them where you can solely focus all your attention on them. Focusing your attention on each other is replenishing, joyful, and comforting. I found myself so full of smiles, and my stress from this past week was completely gone because of his time dedicated to me.

Tony and I were on a mission to find a coffee bar we passed by one time on a bike ride, but instead ended up finding the Downhouse Coffee Bar. It was a lovely little place. We had coffee, chai, and a really yummy cheese plate. We got to walk around the Heights for a bit and visit some of our favorite thrift stores. I love being able to just spend time with him doing stuff we both love. It was such a good day to take a break from all the busyness and spend some good time with the man I love.

If you have a girlfriend/boyfriend or spouse, really try to find a time this week where all of your attention can just be centered on them, and their's for you. It's healthy and necessary to spend solid alone time together. Plan a fun date and just love on each other!


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