Friday, May 10

There's not a whole lot of things I adore more than vintage wedding dresses. They are so beautifully made. Their creamy, lacey, long fabric makes my heart melt. You'll see me in one of these gorgeous gowns on my wedding day. Like most other girls, I fantasize about my wedding day. (Especially since I'm with a boy I hope to marry) So anytime I come across a dress or anything that has to do with a wedding, I obsess. 

Today I came across a stored called Adored Vintage. Their clothing is just beautiful, along with the minimalism and simplicity of their site. They have a huge range of clothing, and I just so happened to stumble upon their wedding section.

I came across some BEAUTIFUL dresses, and I can't help but share my favorite.

Don't tell me these aren't amazing? The best part about vintage wedding dresses is that they're about a fourth of the cost of regular wedding dresses now-a-days, without all the fluff! Too bad these won't still be around in the next two years. ;)

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