Roadtrip Coming to an End

Monday, May 27

As sad as it is, our fifteen day roadtrip is officially coming to an end. I am still astounded at some of the beauty I've seen on the couple thousand miles we've covered from Houston, Texas all the way to Washington. There's beauty that I'll stick in my pocket and keep with me forever. I really don't want to leave. Working everyday, doing school, and all the usual schedules of life sound so mundane compared to the adventures we've had here. White-water rafting, hiking, site-seeing, and ping-pong battles really don't compare to anything. Of course I miss my church and my family... and maybe my bed. (I have to admit, RV couches and pull out beds really aren't all that.) But so much is coming up back at home that I would never miss. I'm going to be a camp counselor for our youth kids at my church in the next week, my baby brother will be born in two more months, and Tony and I's one year anniversary follows the birth by one day.

Although I'm leaving the beloved mountains, I'll have to remember the blessings and beauty I see everyday back at home. The beauty of family, of new beginnings, of old friends. The beauty of church, fellowship, and love. The beauty of life changing and going by, and of course the simplicity of home. I'm in love with the north, and I'll come back soon enough. But home is always home, right?


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