The Resurrection

Tuesday, April 2

Although the traditions of candy and eggs on Easter have passed, one thing will remain ringing in the hearts of believers, and in the hearts of those who desire Jesus; that is the Resurrection. Something I've realized about myself over the years, is that I used to see these holidays as a 'one day celebration.' We go to church, we take the bread and dip it in the wine, we remember, and then we move on. So many of us continue on with this flow, and don't truly sit down and reflect on the Resurrection until the last Sunday of March rolls around once more.

Why is that? Why is it that believers, who love, glorify and honor Jesus, can simply tuck the Resurrection and everything it means back into their pocket until it's time to take that 'holy-once-a-year-communion' again? Why have we belittled the death and rising again of Jesus?

The Cross should be something we remember in the daily routine of our lives. If we could sit down and remember the love, sacrifice, heartache, and pain that was poured out on the cross, I think we would want to live everyday glorifying Him. We would desire to completely rid sin from our lives. What mockery and fools we seem, if we cannot simply remember.

I have made the mistake of not giving the glory to Jesus, and I have made the mistake of diminishing the power of the Cross and the Resurrection. But this year, I will strive to make it a daily part of my prayer and my chaotic life to just remember the Cross and the power in its entirety.

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