Snail Mail

Thursday, April 18

If there's anything I love, it's a good ole', handwritten letter. The sweetest thing is opening a mail box and seeing a beautiful letter with your name on it. Snail mail is something I have become very fond of, and I am I always wanting to send more and more letters. How often do you get to just hold handwritten words in your hand? We're constantly checking emails, replying to messages on Facebook, and waiting to get the next text message. We hardly ever sit down to take the time to write a letter. Letters are so delicate and fragile. It's almost as if you're holding feelings in the palms of your hands. Being able to touch the words someone else has written for you is just wonderful. Although I am a busy lady and sitting down to write and finding time to buy stamps to send it off can be annoying, I do love the calm, quietness of writing. No clicking of the keyboard, no strange noises from a cell phone. Just plain, simple writing.

I encourage you guys to write some letters today. Maybe a letter to someone you love, maybe a letter to say something you've needed to say for a long time, but never could get out. Or maybe just a simple note to someone. Whatever it may be, pick up a pen (or pencil) and just write. See where your mind takes you.

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