DIY Paper Ceiling Ornament

Thursday, April 18

This is one of my favorite little paper additions I've added to my room. It adds a sense of simple creativity to the little space I call my 'peaceful place.' This project only took about 10 minutes, and it was made with everyday household items.

What you'll need:
/ Book pages
/ Scissors
/ Yarn or Hemp
/ Hot glue
/ A shower curtain ring or some other type of circular object

For this project, there is so much creativity that can be added to it. I made mine on the smaller scale, but if you wanted something big you could definitely do it. I cut out triangle shaped pieces of paper from a book I found and hot glued them onto alternating sizes of hemp. From there I covered the shower curtain ring in paper and glued the strands of hanging paper to it. Then I cut 3 pieces of hemp (all the same size), knotting them all together on the top. Then I glued the end pieces to the ring and tied it to a tack. You could also tie a string around the kind of circular hook that is meant to hang things vertically from the ceiling. 

You could really do almost anything with this project, but I thought it would be something fun to share with you all.

Paper is pretty, and words are beautiful so let's share them a bit. 

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