Smoothie Time

Wednesday, April 24

Well Tony's mom just recently bought a Ninja Blender, and let me tell you; we are in LOVE with that thing. It is one of the best blenders I have ever seen. So naturally, we decided to make a smoothie as soon as we took it out of the box. Ta da!

This smoothie was delicious, light, and oh so refreshing! A little on the non-healthy side, but hey! It's okay to indluge every once in a while. 

What you'll need:

/ 2 bananas
/ 4 strawberries
/ 2 cups of almond milk
/ 2 cups of ice
/ Pinch of sugar
/ Yogurt (of your choice)

*These ingredients yielded about 3 cups

The yogurt idea was definitely last minute, but it added the perfect tangy. sweetness that we both love. We used some good ole' cherry flavored Yoplait. Regularly, I just prefer water in my smoothies (extra healthy), but Tony wanted the almond milk, so we went with it. Of course, our smoothies are never a very set recipe, nor do we care about throwing ingredients in till it taste perfect. But hey, this one turned out wonderful!

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