Thursday, April 25

There's this band called The Psalters that I am a huge fan of. You can't really sum up what 'genre' they are, simply because they're so... mind-blowing. I guess you could call them gypsy, nomadic, Christian, worship... well something along those lines. Anyways, that's besides the point. In one of their songs they sing a little line that really stuck to my heart:

"The road to hell is paved with good intentions; the road to Heaven is not paved."

The little phrase with such insignificant letters holds far too much meaning than what it's worth. Far, far too much. I couldn't help repeating this in my head and feeling these words stick to my heart. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. If we do not have our complete attention on the Kingdom, than that road we think is heaven is really just a road to hell paved with utmost good intentions. If your heart is not fearfully and passionately seeking the Lord, than what is all this 'good' for? What is the point of love, the point of peace, happiness, joy, or 'fulfillment' if it not strictly for the Lord? In fact, who even created those things; the Lord himself. He is the Creator of all the things good. So if you want a path to Heaven, do not pave it with good intentions and good deeds or a 'good' life. No, pave it with Christ. Pave it with humility and holiness. Pick up your Cross, and pave it with the heavy footsteps of a heart facing the world to gain Jesus.

Are we blind to the path? They say they road to Heaven is narrow, but is there any road at all? Our eyes have become so focused on 'good intentions' that the road to Heaven is overgrown. Only those with a heart and temple fixed on the Most High will see through the path.

I hate to be harsh, actually, I don't. Sometimes Truth is hard. But tell me what is harder, hearing deception and it being easy or hearing Truth and it being difficult? What is more worthy of our time? The fear of deception and death, or the hope of Truth and life? Our world is so blind, deaf, and turned away from the goodness of the Gospel. It has turned its back on its Creator, and has made an idol of the things that destroy it.

If there's something I can tell you to take in, receive, and understand, it's that the path is narrow, my friend. My soul aches for the person who misses that path, simply because of not knowing the Lord. So for those of you who yearn for Him, who desire and strive to know Him, remember that it is not about goodness. It is not about perfection. It is about a broken, torn soul begging for the Mercy and Love of a Father who will rescue us.

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