52 Lists: Week Three

Wednesday, April 24

This week was definitely a harder list to do than most. I can't find myself simply writing sentences about myself and only myself. I have overcome pride and a self-centered personality, and stepping back into that is a dangerous zone. This weeks topic was: List things you should be proud of. That word 'proud' is not a word that sits well with me. Of course I'm proud of some things, and at times I can be proud of myself. But all in all, it's another thing that only describes ourselves. It only focuses on the light of ourselves and how we feel, how we see it. At one point I was definitely a prideful person, and of course sometimes I still struggle with that,. But the Lord has changed my spirit into complete humility. I do not want to be proud of myself or the things that I have accomplished. That is useless. Spending my time simply thinking about what I have done, and not looking at the bigger picture is just selfish in my eyes. I have overcome selfishness, and I never want to return in its waters.

Since I didn't want to just skip over this week, I wrote two sentences. Two sentences of the only things I want to be proud of.

I only want to be proud of my Father. I want to be basking in His glory and amazed at the work He does every single day. He moves, He changes, and He transforms us. So why shouldn't we be filled with pride for Him? Not proud of myself, but so proud of the Lord. I am proud that He rescues and saves.

The only thing I know, is that I am a lost sheep proud of my shepherd. 

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