Nature is the Best Blog Post

Tuesday, April 9

I know, I know. I really just love to blog pictures and small stories, but hey that's me! And that's all I can give on this blog. If I don't do enough giveaways or project posts or recipe posts or whatever, that's fine. Blogs are meant for the blogger; the freedom of expression is so valuable. I have new stories everyday, and I love to share my creations with the world. I love to show the beauty that I see from a day to day basis, as simple as it may be. Well.. today I'm writing about something I love: nature. Like I've said before, the Earth is beyond beautiful. Although this isn't the Kingdom, the Lord sure did make it beautiful for our eyes. Each day I am astounded at the world around me, especially nature. The greens and browns make my heart melt. (I almost feel like I'm writing a love letter... but I kind of am!) Seriously, trees could be my only best friend, if they had to be.

Yesterday Tony and I visited one of our favorite (secret) places. This is where we go to just feel serene, in the beautiful outdoors. This is where we simply enjoy each other and the beauty around us. It really doesn't need any words to make it any more beautiful than it already is, so here...

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