iPhone Album: Vol. 1

Monday, April 8

I thought I'd go ahead share some 'mini' iPhone albums every now and then, and share a little story as well. Tony and I are usually on-the-go, so I try to capture our little moments as often as possible. Here are some of those moments I've documented as of late. 

From right to left: 

/ Tony and I love the outdoors, so we're always ready to have a fun picnic outside on pretty days. We took some Panera out to the park and fed the ducks for a couple of hours. This day was beautiful!

/ This is some beautiful bamboo that was growing in the downtown Museum District. Tony and I visited a museum and took a short walk in a park.

/ I took this because I loved the pattern of this floor. This was from a floor in the capitol building in Austin. I'm a sucker for pretty patterns.

/ Easter service was a wonderful message from Church Project. The room was full of people worshiping, and people just loving on the Lord. It was beautiful.

/ At my church we put up this word on the wall: Redeemed. Our pastor asked us to write what Jesus has redeemed us from in our life. The words on this wall are touching. It's so awesome to see what people have been changed from.

/ Again, Tony and I are love to be outside. This is him sitting up in a huge tree in the Museum District. He's a little monkey.

/ As the avid cafe/coffee shop explorers that we are, we found a delicious coffee shop by our house. The Woodlands area isn't very fond of mom-and-pop coffee shops, but we finally found one. I had some yummy chai!

/ This last picture is from a cute town near The Woodlands called Old Town Spring. There's some cute, old homes here and the neatest little shops. I took this because I thought the colors were very pretty. 

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