Broken, Forgiven, Renewed

Thursday, April 4

There is something so beautiful about something broken being mended. There is something so powerful in the act of forgiveness. Today the act of forgiveness and renewal is beyond refreshing to me. So many things in our life will be broken, torn, buried, and forgotten, but the Spirit renews, transforms, and brings to life again. Just as Christ was broken on the Cross, forgave us, and was brought back to life, sometimes all we need is for something broken to be reconciled.

Today has been a day that I have been humbled, even when I felt weak, to forgive even when I felt hurt. I was brought down to the stance of a servant, desiring to make peace again. My heart was reminded of the beauty of forgiving. If I cannot simply forgive as Christ forgave, my faith means nothing. It means that word of God has not even touched my heart.What then is the Spirit? The Spirit is the heart of God, living within us, living through us. If you try to tell me the Spirit is not living, then explain to me forgiveness.

Behind everything that is broken, is a Saviour who is healing. Behind every mended relationship is a chance for renewal. Behind every humbled heart is a sign of God's movement. He is mighty, and powerful, and has taught us to love without complaint, to forgive without condition, and to stand strong through every lifeless battle.

I tell you, for any of you who have felt the pain of brokenness, there is always an inexplicable peace after every storm. Healing is not out of reach. No. Healing is real, and powerful, and will change the heart of every weak man in the sight of God.

Today I am beyond thankful for forgiveness and reconciliation.

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