52 Lists: Week Two

Wednesday, April 17

These weeks 52 lists was even more beautiful than the first. Listing my greatest comforts was comforting in itself. It reminded me of the beautiful and perfect deliverance I've found through Christ. It reminded me of the despair I've felt and the times I've hardened my heart towards Him, yet he never failed me. His grace and love has abounded me, and it has been more than enough to rescue me from the valley of the shadow of death. Even those small, almost unrecognizable moments of comfort remind me that the Lord loves us, and He sends His comfort through those around us. He uses people in my life, such as Tony and my friends, to remind us that we are daily used by Christ. Daily we are called to do something more.

Take sometime today to either write down, or simply think about, some things in your life that are your greatest comforts.

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