Spiced Pear Milk

Wednesday, March 27

Tony and I are always on the look out for another good drink/smoothie recipe that we can make at home. On random late nights, we'll adventure out to Kroger [a grocery store, for those of you who don't have one near you] to find some ingredients to make some yummy drinks with. One night, we were feeling a little risky, and decided to make something that wasn't necessarily a 'smoothie.'

This is a delicious spiced pear milk recipe that is great for fall, winter, or summer. Whether it's hot, cold, or served over ice, this is a tasty, and slightly sweet treat for any occasion or moment. Tony and I drank it cold,  blended like a smoothie would be.

What you'll need: 

/ 1 cup of almond milk

/ 1 cored pear
/ a splash of vanilla extract
/ cinnamon powder

*These ingredients yielded about one cup.

For an icey drink, simply add ice into a blender and blend. Blend those together without the ice, if you want to serve it with ice. And for a hot drink, simply heat over a stove.

If you like things a little on the sweeter side, simply used a sweetened almond milk and a little bit more extra vanilla.

Enjoy, and happy drinking!

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