Sunday, September 21

You know what's exciting – being creative on a whim. Taking a friend, throwing on some clothes, running into the woods, and taking some photos. Was it planned? No. Was I prepared? No. Was it spontaneous? Yes.

There's something so intriguing about making art, whether it's a week long process or a spur of the moment. I enjoy running outside, laughing, taking portraits, and having freedom in creativity. I've learned a lot about myself and my art in this past year. Taking photos means so much more than a click of the camera or having 'exposure' and fame across social media. It's about creating a piece of work that can create emotion, share feelings, and ultimately allow myself to project the things of life into an image.

I recently ran into the woods with my friend Kylie and took a couple shots of her. Not really going into with any kind of ultimate goal, I let the photos move and work for themselves.


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