Tuesday, May 20

My own awareness of my own individual depravity is absolutely essential for my salvation. If I am not a sinner, I do not need a Savior. (See Eph. 2:1)

Man, is that statement more true than ever. I am so broken, so completely shattered. The grace of God is the only love big enough to piece me back together; to glue every inch of me back into something beautiful. I've felt that hollow feeling lately – that feeling where you find yourself ashamed to look God in the face. I don't want Him to see how selfish I am. I don't want Him bear witness how sinful my flesh is, how impatient I am, how my mind is so drastically at war with my spirit. Have you ever felt that pain? That pain of knowing you've wronged the very God who created you? It's like a searing burn that lingers once its gone, leaving a pale scar behind. 

But how the grace of Him heals wounds. That shame is sickening, it is deathly and belongs no where near the heart of the Lord. I am depraved, in utter need of Christ. If I only I truly recognized how deeply my heart needs salvation. It is not an 'if' or a 'maybe.' I need Christ. I need His deep love for me. I need His ocean of forgiveness. My heart begs and weeps in my wrong doings, but God is merciful to me. He is patient with me. He is passionate for me.  

Every aspect of Him is every aspect I am not. 


  1. Girl, this is everything I needed today and more.

    How am I only just discovering your blog? Your space is so encouraging. Thank you for your words and thank you for your faith!


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