Tuesday, May 6

Lately I have felt this growing anticipation for the future; the anticipation of marriage, of my business, school, and the things God has revealed to me of what's to come. I get excited and a little bit anxious, like a child on their first day back to school – the feeling of knowing something wonderful is coming soon, but the unknown is a little fuzzy and makes your tummy knot up. That's where I am; I am allowing the future to dictate the now. With that in mind, a funny question popped into my head. "What if I had that same anticipation for Jesus' coming?" As Christians, we don't really think about the return of Christ on a daily basis. In terms of faith, we think about scripture, community, humility, and living a life for Christ. But I can't recall the last time I anticipated the return of Christ. Can you? That eagerness I get from thinking about being a wife someday soon, the joy that I feel when I pursue my dreams, the happiness I find in preparing myself for what's next – what if I constantly felt that way towards the day I meet Jesus? I don't, but I want that desire. I want to desire Jesus so much, each day is like waking up to another day of eagerness and joy that I will be sitting at the right hand of the Lord someday. Each day I want to find myself dreaming about the beauties of heaven and the tangible love of Christ. When I step outside of the now, I want to step into the light of the someday that I no longer am bound by flesh or the world, but that I am celebrating in God's kingdom.

What would our lives (and our walks with Christ) be like, if we lived like this?


  1. I've thought about this a lot, especially because of the strong metaphor of the church as the bride of Christ. For me, brokenness causes me to cry out,"Come, Lord Jesus". A lot of times racism is what causes me to want Jesus to come back and reset things to the way he created them.

  2. i have been going to bible studies and they essentially all focus on the return of Christ and how so important it is to know what the signs are of His return and to wait and be alert for His return. How, if we don't know the signs, how will we recognize them when they are happening? yeah, it's something to think about. i love your blog :)


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