Giving Thanks

Wednesday, November 27

As we celebrate the wonderful day of Thanksgiving over turkeys, casseroles, pies, and eggnog, many of us will be giving thanks to the things we have, the things we love, the people we love. But as I think of these things, there is one thing that my gratefulness is beyond me.

I am thankful that I am broken. 

Without my brokenness, without the emptiness of my self-reliance, without failing myself, without feeling hopeless, without feeling utter despair, I would be no where near the Lord. My broken soul that craves the eternal grace and beauty of Jesus is what I am thankful for. No human or item on this earth can tear away the love of my Father, and I am bound to Him, I am one with Him. I feel as if I don't acknowledge enough that my own brokenness is what draws me to my Creator. Pride and arrogance could lead me far from Him, but humility and vulnerability leads to intimacy with the Father. My mumbled prayers of grace will not simply be said around a table of food, but will be a daily prayer in my heart.

Today I am thankful for the Lord.


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