Saturday, September 14

Humble servants of Christ amaze me; the way a mere human will give up their flesh for the Creator of the universe, in order to know Him, love Him, and serve Him. It is incredible how those who follow Christ are willing to give up their life for him. Today I am feeling encouraged by so many of my brothers and sisters of the Lord who, daily, pick up their cross to obey the one, true God. Each day servants of Christ are being obedient to His calling. 

Faith is true when one is willing to follow the Lord under no condition. Believing in Christ is more than a service, more than some lyrics, more than "studying." It is living to be in unison with the Lord of all the earth; obeying Him, following Him, and being on mission to spread the Gospel + the Kingdom.

What would the world look like, if each day we lived to please the Lord? What would be of this place if we desired to be near to our Creator? Would it eradicate homelessness, poverty, abuse, violence, suffering, and sin? Would our world reflect a creation who is in love with their Creator?


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