Jones Forest

Monday, September 16

 This past week a friend of mine showed Tony and I a beautiful Texas state forest very close to our house. Today we finally got to go explore this wonderful place, and take in all the Maker's Beauty. I'm not quite sure there's anything that could beat the captivating beauty of nature. If there's one way I know there is a creator, it's because of places like this.

Today was refreshing. For the past three weeks Tony and I have had to majorly adjust to a school schedule that gets on my nerves. For the past year, we've spent almost every second together, and now we're stuck behind books for hours on end and completely occupied by our busy work/school schedules. Today was the first time, since the middle of August, that I have felt somewhat relieved and refreshed. We got to just be together, explore, hold hands, and talk about critters and things. This may just possibly be our new favorite spot to escape to.

The weeks seem to be dragging on, but there is so much to look forward to and so much in the here + now to be thankful for, to find hope in, to find beauty in, to love God, and to love others. I'm thankful for busyness and for God using me, pushing me, and sanctifying me, but I'm already counting down the days till this semester is over... and possibly till Christmas ;)


  1. the pictures are gorgeous!
    BTW, the new look is stunning!


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