Broken Bones

Wednesday, July 3

Have you ever felt too broken to fix, as if your bones might break with the slightest touch?
Have you ever thought your heart was too sick to face it?
My bones are aching, but my heart hurts far worse.
My head it hurts, but my thoughts are far more haunting.

He left unfulfilled vows, broken commitments.
He slandered his own title in an instant.
But do I have understanding?
Do I walk with the ambition of repairing mangled souls?
Do I fix his before I fix mine?

I'm bottled up like the shipwreck he can't restore.
I'm another failure, another broken memory to add to his storage place.
Along with death and misery, I'm just another thing to be boxed up and left to decay.

You thought you were the only one that's broken, but you were wrong.
You said your heart hurt, but mine hurts ten times more and another time over.
So what then?
What do we say for lost time, hurt hearts, and worthless ambitions?
What do I say then;

Seven years and there's still no difference.
So walk then, and don't look back.
But my bones will still be aching, until you come around.


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