52 Lists: Week Seven

Wednesday, June 5

This week's topic for 52 Lists was "List the things that make you feel healthy... mind, body, & soul." It's interesting how most of us connect being healthy with only being physically healthy; being healthy means eating right, working out, etc. But being healthy goes far more than just physically. It is also mentally and spiritually. Maybe you work out, but do you allow your spirit to work and your mind to work as well? Maybe you eat right, but are you doing and experiencing healthy things for you spirit and mind?

This simple list really allowed me to think about being 'healthy' in not just a body sense, but also in a spiritual sense. How do I keep my heart healthy, my thoughts, my spirit? How am I living day to day truly being healthy? Although I love how refreshing it feels to do yoga and eat good foods, it is beyond fulfilling to pray, worship, have intimacy with Lord, or simply allow Him to cleanse me of my sin, struggles, and burdens.

He is sovereign, holy, and just. He wants us to guard our bodies like a temple, but even more so He wants us to guard our hearts and our mind.

"Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it." -Proverbs 4:23


  1. Taylor, I love this so much. I am such a list person. I seriously have notebooks upon notebooks in my room filled with to-do lists, dreams, ideas, and anything else. Is this a link-up or something you created? I want to join in! :)

    1. This is actually an ongoing series by Moorea Seal! You can find it on moorea-seal.com :)


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